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Big Joe 0010657 Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair, Large, Cobalt Lenox

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Size:Large  |  Color:Cobalt Lenox ..

Size:Large  |  Color:Cobalt Lenox

Introducing the second generation of our Original, Best-Selling Fuf Chairs. These new and improved Fuf's have been upgraded from the inside out, to bring you, the customer, total satisfaction. Now made in our Lenox fabric, the Fuf is softer than ever and is built to withstand the test of time. It's plush to the touch and easy to spot clean. As is the case with our Original Fuf chairs, these foam chairs never need to be re-filled. Just re-Fuf them now and again like you do your favorite pillow to keep it soft, cozy and comfy. To make it easier to re-Fuf, we've designed this second generation to have built in handles on both sides of the sack. We've also improved the foam itself by shredding it into smaller pieces of the same size, to make for a more comfortable and cozier sit we know you'll love. Shipped to you in a box the fraction of its size, these gloriously comfy sacks will expand to their full, magnificent size over the course of about a week. Big Joe takes its protection of Mother Earth seriously. From the Facilities that your chair is designed and filled in, to the products themselves, we are always looking for ways to keep Being Green front of mine. Our foam is upcycled from the virgin foam of our fellow foam using industry friends to bring you the best in both comfort, value, and environmental responsibility. We also make giving back to the community a top priority. Big Joe donates 10% of all our profits to helping those in need. When you buy from Big Joe, you're helping to bring a bit more Comfort to those in need.

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